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If you open the Settings app and go to Personalization>Background you can see the last five images you used for your desktop background, including the current one. Windows 10 saves a copy of these images so, even if you accidentally delete the original image, you don't lose your desktop background Where is the current custom wallpaper stored in Windows 10? On Google, all I could find was either the location of all the default backgrounds or the registry key to the location of it, which just points to where it was on the desktop when I set the background, which I've already deleted and searching for that image's name in the C:\Windows folder gets nothing Just click Start and then choose Settings (or hit Windows+I). On the Settings screen, click Personalization. In the Personalization window, select the Lock screen tab and then on the Background drop-down menu, choose Windows spotlight. Right click on the tray icon and select View Current Picture and the current desktop background opens in Windows Photo Viewer (or your default image viewer). In Windows Photo Viewer, you can right click on the image & select Open File Location to view the original location of current desktop background in windows File Explorer Find the current wallpaper file via Registry Editor in Windows 10. The reference to the current desktop wallpaper may exist in one or more locations in the registry. Open the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) In the Registry Editor, there are the keys you need to check. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Deskto

Press Windows+R shortcut keys type AppData and hit Enter. This will open the uses's appdata folder now, navigate to this folder Local\Packages\ Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\Assets In assets folder you will see lots of file with random names. From these files you can find and save lock screen wallpapers First, open Windows Settings and navigate to Personalization > Background. Just below the section that says Choose Your Picture, click on the Browse button. An open dialog will pop up. Type C:\Windows\Web into the address bar at the top and hit enter Copy the files in this folder to another location on your computer where you can easily find them. Create a dedicated folder for these images. In the Explorer window for the new folder, open a..

Windows 10's Spotlight feature takes it to another level. The wallpapers in the rotation are in hi-res, at times stunning, and always informative, but we bet you already know that. If not, be sure to check it out, or just get the wallpaper. It is free, after all. What's your favorite category of Windows 10 wallpapers Save Windows 10 Spotlight Images Even though there is no straightforward way, saving Windows 10 Spotlight images is easy as most of the wallpapers are stored on your hard drive. All you have to do is find and copy them. To do that, open the File Explorer and navigate to your home folder, such as C:\Users\yourUserName

Windows 10 saves the last few images of the desktop background in a particular location. It can happen that you have set a favorite image of yours as wallpaper but the image has been deleted accidentally by mistake. If the image is in Recycle Bin, then you are saved Go to This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Users > [YOUR USERNAME] > AppData > Local > Packages > Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy > LocalState > Asset How to Find and Save Custom Lock Screen Background Images in Windows 10 The lock screen is the screen you see at startup and when you lock the computer. Users can select to use Windows Spotlight, a custom single picture, or a custom slideshow of images as their lock screen background. This tutorial will show you how to find and save custom background images displayed on the lock screen for.

Copies current lock screen wallpaper file to Pictures folder and adds a .jpg extension. Previews the wallpaper using your default image viewer. Opens File Explorer and selects the current wallpaper image file. Hope the above methods to find the current Windows 10 lock screen (Windows Spotlight) wallpaper image was useful to you Chrome users. Unlike most of the other browsers, Google Chrome does not include the option to save images as the wallpaper. However, any downloaded image can be set as a wallpaper using our steps on using a saved image as a wallpaper.. Mozilla Firefox users. Mozilla Firefox users have the option of setting any image they view on the Internet as their wallpaper How to save current wallpaper in windows 10? Free e-mail watchdog. Tweet. Answer this question. How to save current wallpaper in windows 10? Answer for question: Your name: Answers. Answer #1 | 24/11 2016 22:06 You are only allowed to do that if you mod the computer in a certain way. To do that you should: 1.

How To Find The Current Desktop Background Image In Windows 10

Where is the current custom wallpaper stored in Windows 10

Since you've all been asking about my animated background I figured I would do a tutorial on it, enjoy your 3d moving wallpaper!for the wallpaper engine give.. One of the most popular things in Windows 10, is the Wallpapers it comes with. We have already told you, how Microsoft designed the unique default paper using some advanced 3D technology. It does look remarkable, and very cool. What if you want to have the same wallpaper on your non-Windows 10 computer. For example, a Macbook, or a Linux PC, or even a Windows XP or Windows 7 computer.

How to Save Windows 10's Lock Screen Spotlight Images to

  1. Windows 10 tip: Save your background and other settings as a custom theme. Every time you connect to a wireless network, Windows saves your connection properties
  2. How to Save Microsoft's Lock Screen Wallpapers in Windows 10 Version 1709 Save your favorite backgrounds to a local drive Mar 24, 2018 19:38 GMT · By Bogdan Popa · Comment
  3. Choose from hundreds of free Windows 10 wallpapers. Download HD wallpapers for free on Unsplash
HD wallpaper: Windows 10 Logo, Microsoft Windows logo

Once you install or set a desktop background on Windows Vista/Windows 7, you may not know the location where the image is saved. If you want to save a desktop background to another location on your hard drive, you must first search for it by using its file name Set a Windows background, but deleted the original file? Well, it's super simple to get the files back if you know where to look! This even works for multipl.. You now know how to find the location of the current background image under Windows 7 and thus find an image easily. About the Author Manuel has been involved with technology for more than 15 years, especially with mobile phones, smartphones and PC systems and shares his passion here in this blog I am using a custom image as my current desktop wallpaper and whenever I do a Windows 10 update it always deletes it. So is there a way I can save a

Microsoft Internet Explorer users have the option of setting any image they view on the Internet as their wallpaper. To do this, right-click the image you want to set as your wallpaper, and then select Set as Background from the drop-down menu. If you are sure that you want to set the image as the background, click Yes. Additional Informatio Auto change wallpaper in Windows 10; Change wallpaper every day automatically in Windows 7 and 8 (works on Windows 10 too) Automatically Change Wallpaper in Windows 10. Since Windows 10 has no built-in options to change wallpaper every day, we are going to use Dynamic Theme, a free app from Microsoft Store Download and Install a Wallpaper Theme in Windows 10. Click Start > Settings > Personalization, select the Themes tab then click Themes settings

Path to current desktop backgrounds in Windows 10? - Super

  1. While Windows Spotlight images is a good idea to keep your computer interesting everyday, the desktop could also have a similar feature, but Windows 10 lacks of such functionality. This Windows 10 guide , will walk you through the steps to find the Spotlight images already downloaded on your computer and how to set them as desktop backgrounds
  2. geq 20 reg add HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop /v Wallpaper /t REG_SZ /d D:\MEGA\Obrazy\Tapety Desktop\mojave_dynamic\mojave_dynamic_15.jpeg /f & goto done:done timeout /t 5 >nul start /b RUNDLL32.EXE user32.dll,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters ,1 ,True start /b RUNDLL32.EXE user32.dll,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters ,1 ,True start /b RUNDLL32.EXE user32.dll.
  3. Have you tried the Windows 10 wallpaper Slideshow feature? I'll show you how to enable it and what settings are important. As an added bonus, I'll show you how to enable Slideshow even when your.
  4. I want to allow my users to toggle the current user theme between Aero and Windows Classic(1). Is there a way that I can do this programatically? I don't want to pop up the Display properties, and I'm dubious about just changing the registry
  5. One way that may require the help of an octopus is to go to Wallpaper settings click on wallpaper preview that is not the lock screen and pinch the image so it shrinks in the screen - this will get the Cancel/Set buttons out of the image. If you let go of the pinch, it'll bounce back, so the trick is to pinch and screen grab at the same time
  6. Press Shift + right click in the folder and hit the option that's called Open Command Prompt window here. Next, type the following command in the app: ren *.* *.jpg This command will add the JPG..

With Windows 10 Microsoft introduced a new feature called Spotlight which shows beautiful wallpapers every day. The feature while is amazing but it lacks a download option. However, there's a way to use the Spotlight wallpaper cache on Windows 10 to retrieve those elegant wallpapers so you could use them again. To do that you can [ I am using Windows 10. In the theme area of the control panel, I set the Wallpaper to fit. The desktop view will change, but then will revert back to center. I did have a single picture for my wallpaper, but then for some unknow reason, it reverted to slideshow. That I don't mind, but it wo.. Click Start -> Settings -> Personalize > Lock Screen From the lock screen page, scroll down to the bottom. There is a link to Screen saver settings at the very bottom. Click on the link to open the Screen Saver Settings window

Windows 10 allows you to choose your own wallpaper. Several built-in wallpapers are provided, as well as the option to use your own. This article will show you how. Note: There is a massive amount of wallpapers posted to the internet, and they're often free to use. Simply perform a web search for the type of wallpaper/background you want All you need to do is type the following command in the address bar in File Explorer at the current location and press Enter. cmd /c ren *. *.jpg And bangtime to turn on Preview Pane and navigate through these beautiful images. If you still haven't turned on Spotlight feature on Windows 10, you can follow this post and turn it on Now what you want to do is create a new folder somewhere else on your drive that you will use for the wallpaper images. Select all the files that are larger than 100KB or so and copy them to the new folder. To copy, select the files and then hold right-click and drag the images to the second Explorer window Once in /, go to /data/data/com.android.settings/files. For Android 4.1 and above: Once in/, go to /data/system/users//. Find a file named wallpaper in that folder and copy it to any location you want. Rename the copied file to anything.jpg or anything.png to open it as a normal image file

Set Daily Bing Image As Wallpaper On Windows 10. Make sure to create a restore point just in case something goes wrong. Method 1: Set Daily Bing Image As Wallpaper using Daily Picture App. Windows 10 does not have this native feature to set Bing Image as Wallpaper so you have to take the help of a third-party app to do so How to save Windows spotlight images Windows 10 lock screen wallpaper download tutorial How to save lock screen picture Windows 10 What is Windows 10 spotlig.. Using a registry edit file This is a simpler way to perform the steps described above. Right-click fixwallpaper.reg and save it to your computer. Double-click the file and click Yes to the warning that changes will be made to the registry

Open the photo you want to resize by clicking File, then Open, and selecting the image from your computer's files. 3. In the top menu bar's Home tab, click Resize. The Resize and Skew.. Method 2. Restore lost desktop wallpaper from the local drive in Windows 10. If you go to C:\Windows or C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper the default location where you used to save fancy desktop cover pictures, but you find the folder is empty like this: You have lost the desktop images. Changing the personalization settings won't work Make sure you're on the Windows 10 desktop. You can do this quickly by pressing the Windows key + D on your keyboard. Right click on your current background and a pop-up menu comes up Windows 10 includes a new feature called Windows Spotlight, which automatically downloads and rotates a series of gorgeous images from Bing as your lock screen background. Here's how to find these images hidden on your PC, and how to convert and save them for personal use

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Set Your Windows 10 Lock Screen and Wallpaper to Bing

How to Find and Save Windows 10 lock Screen Wallpapers

  1. On your Windows 10 desktop, a background, also known as wallpaper, is simply the picture covering your desktop, behind the icons. To change it, follow these steps: Right-click your desktop and choose Personalize. Windows quickly kicks you over to the Settings app's Personalization section, neatly open to the Background setting shown here. Click the drop-down [
  2. With the release of Windows 10 Microsoft continued the tradition with daily changeable wallpaper on the lock screen only. Within the personalization section in the settings panel in Windows 10 you are able to set your operating system to change the lock screen daily with pictures from Windows Spotlight
  3. Get new tips and shortcuts that can make Windows 10 work better for you. Search your photos for a person, place, thing, and text. You can also find favorites, and specific files, or folders. Photos adds tags for you, so you can find what you want without endless scrolling. Select any open window.

If you're a fan of traditional Windows screen savers, these simple HTA apps are for you. They'll make it easy to access and configure three screen savers that dropped off the map with Windows 10 Step 6. Save the changes you just made and exit. If you have done everything properly, then your problem is most likely to get solved. But if the problem still seems to be persisting, then adhere to the next methods laid out below. Method #2: Fix Windows 10 Not Displaying Wallpaper by Activating Window 10 O

Here's Where Windows 10 Stores Its Default Wallpapers

How to use multiple desktops in Windows 10. Windows 10's virtual desktops feature is super helpful if you're working on a bunch of different things Windows 10 comes with a Spotlight feature that displays different background images crawled from the web on the lock screen. It also offers suggestions on the lock screen and Spotlight wallpapers. Daily Picture from the Microsoft Store allows you to set your Lock, Login and Wallpaper to the Daily image from Bing.com. Here's how to download and configure it for your Windows 10 PC Open the Save As window. If the document hasn't been saved before, you can just press Ctrl+S (Windows) or ⌘ Command+S to bring up this window. Otherwise, do the following: Windows — Click File, then click Save As. If you're using Microsoft Office, double-click This PC after clicking Save As to bring up the File Explorer Fix Wallpaper changes automatically after computer restarts: If you are using Windows 10 then you may have noticed a strange feature when you restart your computer or PC the desktop background or wallpaper changes automatically.Even when you log in or restart your PC the Windows wallpaper is changed automatically

And did you know that Windows 10 has an option for enabling screen savers. If you didn't know that, I don't blame you, the world has evolved and centers around smart phones more, that users don't tend to notice the absence of some good old features in Windows 10, thanks to spending more time looking at text messages and videos Need to lock down the desktop wallpaper on your computer to stop kids from changing it? In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the steps to prevent users from changing the current desktop background using the Local Group Policy Editor and Registry Editor Looking for the best Windows 10 Lock Screen Wallpaper? We have 87+ amazing background pictures carefully picked by our community. If you have your own one, just send us the image and we will show it on the web-site. Feel free to download, share, comment and discuss every wallpaper you like Windows 10 practically puts a web browser in your search panel that enthrones Microsoft Bing. Fortunately, you don't have to worry because Microsoft allows you to disable Bing search in Windows. 1920x1080 free wallpapers for windows 10 22+ Wallpapers for Windows 10 ·â Download free cool   78. Yes, you can! You do not need to be a graphic designer for you to do this. All you need to do is to know how to save images as wallpapers, and there you go! You will have a wallpaper that suits your needs and preferences

2. Right Click and select Inspect Element, the element inspector opens at the bottom.You can also press Ctrl+Shift+I to launch the inspect element window. 3. Under the Resources tab expand Frames until you see Images 4. Drag the background image(s) to the desktop or save it using the Save image option, Done To save more images, just view more images using the Previous. How to Create A Slide Show As Desktop Background in Windows 10. Following the steps below, you can efficiently create a slide show as desktop background on your Windows 10 computer. Steps to create a slide show as desktop background in Windows 10: Step 1: Open the Desktop Background window Windows 10 Wallpaper with Clock. The Great Collection of Windows 10 Wallpaper with Clock for Desktop, Laptop and Mobiles. We've gathered more than 5 Million Images uploaded by our users and sorted them by the most popular ones Windows 10 Snip & Sketch. With Windows 10, Microsoft has made the Snip & Sketch tool accessible via a keystroke. Just pull up the Tweet, forum post, or website you want to preserve evidence of and. It's possible to backup or copy User Profile in Windows 10 to another computer now. This page will tell you how to back up, migrate, or copy Windows 10 user profile to another computer or another user with ease. Follow this tutorial to transfer your User Profile with ease

How to Save the Windows 10 Lock Screen Images You Lik

  1. NOTE: If you have not already, then you will need to customize your current Windows 7 theme to how you want the theme pack to be saved as by changing the items you want listed below.1. Change the Desktop Background picture and settings. 2. Change the Window Color and Appearance settings. 3. Change the Sounds for the Windows 7 sound events to any sound file that you would like instead
  2. The heart of Windows 10, for many users, lies in its Start menu.Featuring your favorite apps, feeds, and other commonly used items, it serves as the virtual hub of the operating system.With the help of the Microsoft Edge browser, it's easy to add shortcuts to frequently visited websites to the Start menu
  3. When the picture has loaded completely, right-click on it, then choose Set as Wallpaper (or Background) from the pop-up menu. You can also right-click to save the picture to disk, then display it as described in the next section
  4. Method 2: Set Default Background Wallpaper for Windows 10 Desktop Using Registry Editor. Use the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run command. Type regedit and press Enter. In the Registry Editor, browse to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policie
  5. The other, much easier, way is to use the app Wallpaper Saver. It is actually used for saving and keeping a backup of your wallpapers, but can also be used to retrieve the current wallpaper! How to steps. Install Wallpaper Saver. Launch the app and wait for it to save the current wallpaper. Select the current wallpaper. Pick share in the action ba
How to Save Windows 10’s Lock Screen Spotlight Images to

Where Is the Windows 10 Wallpaper Folder Locatio

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, here are some further things to try: Start the Registry Editor (click Start, Run and enter regedit .) Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System. If System contains a value named Wallpaper, select this value and then delete it Windows Spotlight Quiz / How To Save Windows 10 Lockscreen Spotlight Images. - YouTube - This is a simple app that will take the current spotlight lock screen image and set it to your desktop wallpaper.. Windows 10 lockscreen app quiz The blue Windows 10 wallpaper is nice to look at, but it's more fun to choose the background you want on your laptop.After all, you're going to be the one staring at the screen all day and don't. Contrary to the ease of use of personalizing your image settings, the file path to the default Windows 10 images is not so cut and dry. If you want to know how to find Windows 10 wallpaper and lock screen images on your PC, you will need to explore the Windows directory under your computer's C drive. Using File Explorer from your Start button, navigate to: C:\Windows\Web\

HD wallpaper: Windows 10, abstract background | Wallpaper

How to Save Windows 10 Spotlight Images - Make Tech Easie

Go to wallpaper preview, turn perspective zoom off, and take a screenshot, then save with perspective zoom off or Turn wiggle mode on, go to a new page and take a screensho Here's my wallpaper on my own Microsoft Windows 10 laptop system, an image included with the OS: Hard to see, but I have a photo I want to use instead that's near the top left. To set it as my wallpaper, a right click: And there's what you seek: Set as desktop background. Choose that and you've just set the photo as your wallpaper Name and change virtual desktop wallpapers in Windows 10: Download time. Annoyingly, there's no built-in way to change the name of each virtual desktop within Windows 10. Nor can you use different wallpapers by default. But there is an answer, and it's all thanks to a third-party program called Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer 3.Double-click on slideshow.ini file and delete it's content then save changes. 4.Now delete the TranscodedWallpaper file. Now double click on CachedFiles and replace the current wallpaper with your own. 5.Reboot your PC to save changes. 6.Right-click on your desktop and select Personalize Find the best Windows 10 Wallpapers and themes on GetWallpapers. We have 76+ background pictures for you! Home. Yes, you can! You do not need to be a graphic designer for you to do this. All you need to do is to know how to save images as wallpapers, and there you go! You will have a wallpaper that suits your needs and preferences

How to Find the Current Desktop - My Windows Hu

But since Windows 10 came up seems like 3rd party tool couldn't also support this, due to security and latest UI issues. So Today we are discussing that how we can get a customize folder background in window 10. Also, it is supported in Windows 8 & 8.1 also. Note: This trick has a bug we discuss that later In Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, the wallpapers are all stored in just one location. The main place to look in every version of Windows is: C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper. In that folder you will see the default wallpapers installed on the system. In Windows XP, you'll see some JPG and BMP images, the most famous being Bliss.bmp, which is the default desktop background for that operating system In Windows 10, go to the following settings section: Start-> Settings-> Personalization-> Lock Screen.Scroll down to find Screen Saver Settings.Select 'Photos' as a screensaver and click Settings.. Specify the path to C:\Screen, tick Shuffle Pictures and save the changes.. Now export the following registry branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software \Microsoft\Windows Photo Viewer\Slideshow. Click on file then choose 'save as' In the 'save as' popup window, choose the desktop location; Type the file name anything.reg to save it as a registry file; Click on save; Go to your desktop; Double click on the reg file you saved here; If you are asked for administrator permission, allow it

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How to Find Windows 10's Spotlight Lock Screen Pictures

How to find the location of the current background image in Windows 10: Open the Start menu. Search for and open regedit. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop. Find the Wallpaper entry. Its data will be the file path of the current desktop background image It's only a matter of time before you'll want to change your Windows wallpaper, however applying your own customizations to a copy of Windows 10 that hasn't..

Find and Save Custom Lock Screen Background Images in

Cannot Change Desktop Background on Windows 10-What to Do. If you cannot change desktop background on your Windows 10 PC because the Desktop Background setting has been disabled, as shown in the following picture, you can tack the problem using the method illustrated by the steps below.. Video guide on what to do when you cannot change desktop background on Windows 10 So, obviously, you can get to that wallpaper you've always wanted too. To help you through the process, this guide will let you know the location of the wallpaper on an Android device. Starting with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, limited availability of multiple user profiles was introduced. This caused a change in the location of the current.

Windows 10 Introduction Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheet

How to Find the Current Lock Screen Wallpaper File in

Software Object Desktop Your complete Windows customization suite. Start10 The first Windows 10 Start menu alternative. Fences Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts icons and running tasks. DeskScapes Personalize your desktop background with animated pictures and video. Multiplicity Connect multiple PCs with one keyboard and mouse. Groupy Organize multiple applications into grouped. Jackie asked why her PC isn't able to re-open all her active windows and programs after a reboot like it does on the Mac. As a PC and Mac user I've also experienced this phenomenon, and it's odd. Microsoft has released a new Bing Wallpaper app for Windows 10 users. With this new app, your PC will automatically set the Bing image as your desktop wallpapers on a daily basis. In addition, in case if you don't like a particular wallpaper, Bing Wallpaper app allows you to switch between the daily wallpapers via the system tray [Solution] Windows Desktop doesn't Save User Customized Settings - Sometimes people face a problem in Windows when Windows doesn't remember their customization settings on Desktop and taskbar, like icons positions, toolbar These wallpaper images are similar but not necessarily identical to the images that Microsoft displays on the startpage of its Bing search engine. If you like those images, you may want to set them as the desktop background on your computer system as well and maybe even if you don't run Windows 10. Download all Windows Spotlight Image

How to save an Internet picture as the desktop wallpaper

Symptoms. In an Active Directory domain network environment, you apply a Desktop Wallpaper Group Policy setting to the domain users. However, the setting is not applied to domain users who log on to client computers that are running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 Use Simple Commands To Change Windows PowerShell Colors in Windows 10 The Windows PowerShell is a great tool for power users but that doesn't mean it has to be dull, drab and boring. Tweaking a few setting here and there can make a world of difference to how your PowerShell console looks, so give it a go and change the colors to whatever your heart feels like

How to save current wallpaper in windows 10

How to Save Desktop Icons Layout on Windows 10 Manual Method. Once you placed your icons to the places where you want them. Now, it is the time to save the layout so that these could not get shuffled again Save using the keyboard shortcut. All programs support the keyboard shortcut to save a document. To save a file using a shortcut, press either Ctrl+S on a PC or Command+S on an Apple computer. If supported, the program either saves the file as its existing name or opens a save window for a new file The items returned from this folder is different to what Window Explorer shows. E.g. in my XP, it doesn't include My Documents, My Computer, My Network Places, Recycle Bin and some other shortcuts. Any idea how to get the same entries as Windows Explorer? - newman Mar 21 '13 at 20:2 Save the new version of your image by clicking File and then Save As. Related coverage from Tech Reference : 7 easy ways to speed up your Windows 10 computer, from disabling unneeded effects.

As Microsoft removes support for Windows 7 and others, Windows 10 will ensure that you're not open to security issues. Here's how to get Windows 10 for free Windows 10 is great, but it has its issues, from unpredictable reboots to Cortana. Here's how to fix some of the more irritating quirks with Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 10 has a lock screen mode called Windows Spotlight that pulls attractive images from the web on a daily basis. In most instances, you'll only see these when you log on, or lock your PC. If you see an image that you'd like to use as Windows wallpaper, you can't simply right-click and save.. When your computer is locked (or first boots), by default, Windows 10 shows you a lock screen with the time, a wallpaper and maybe (if you allow) some notifications On the outside, most iPhones and iPad look and feel the same. But, as they say, what matters is on the inside. Sure, you can put a case for your iPhone, but the faster way to make it your own is by customizing your Home screen with a beautiful wallpaper.You can choose to add a default wallpaper made by Apple or use your own pictures Photos app.Here's how to change your wallpaper on iPhone and. Many Windows 7 Themes become a perfect choice when you consider the overall sound scheme, colour combination, screen saver, wallpaper etc. However if you want to just change the set of wallpaper i.e. remove wallpapers of the existing theme or add your wallpapers to the current wallpaper of theme, below is the quickest way which is like one click solution

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