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  1. Like most ant species, Eciton burchellii is polymorphic, meaning that features amongst smaller groups within the colony vary in size: a colony contains workers ranging from 3 mm to 12 mm, with each specific caste suited to specialized tasks
  2. The multi-colony ant colony is introduced into the polymorphic ant colony algorithm based on the basic ant colony algorithm, which includes scouts, search and worker ants. Scouts take the path node of each wheelchair as the center and leave the investigation elements during the investigation, so that search ants may make a choice when they arrive at the path node
  3. or ants riding them in the AntsCanada YouTube channel So I had compressed a list of polymorphic ants for you guys to refer to in the search of suitable ant species to keep
  4. Polymorphism of female reproductives in ants has been reviewed by Heinze (1998) and Peeters (2012). Workers. Many species have a monomorphic worker caste, with all individuals approximately the same body size and shape. Other species have polymorphic workers that show more or less continuous variation in body size
  5. Page 1 of 3 - List of polygynous ant species - posted in General: I am hoping to create a list of true polygyne ants, the ones that are truely polygynous and wont kill each other after the first few months. If known, also add if they accept new queens once the colony is established. I only know a few, but I am sure there are others out there
  6. In biology, polymorphism is the occurrence of two or more clearly different morphs or forms, also referred to as alternative phenotypes, in the population of a species. To be classified as such, morphs must occupy the same habitat at the same time and belong to a panmictic population (one with random mating).. Put simply, polymorphism is when there are two or more possibilities of a trait on a.

major - a larger caste of worker ant in polymorphic ant species that is characterized by its extra large head and greater size. They typically specialize in tasks requiring extra mandible muscles like defense, attacking, carrying, manipulation of objects, and in some species the cracking open of seeds, etc Greetings Ant Lovers/AC Family, Fire ants love cow dung but this is not a good thing! Upon inspecting my yard I spotted piles of cow dung on which fire ants were feasting eagerly. It made me wonder what was in cow dung that the ants loved so much. In this episode we take a look [ Polymorphic Solitaire offers a large collection of different solitaire games playable for free in any modern browser without need for any plugins. Beyond that, it allows you to change the rules of any game and create your own new games, allowing a finite infinity of possible solitaire games Polymorphic species of ants. scotth87. 241. Adult Worker Ant. scotth87. 241. Post Jul 05, 2013 #1 2013-07-05T22:58. I found the largest.

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Polymorphic ants Hey all, I'm interested in collecting polymorphic ants, and I was wondering if you guys could name off some ant species that live in North America (preferably north Eastern US) that are polymorphic These are a stunning ant species with bi colour variations of black/red/oranage on the workers as well as colour variations on the queen. This species is often found living alongside other species in the wild and sharing their nests with species such as Monomorium, Myrmica, Lepthothorax or even Pogonomyrmex

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Carpenter ants are polymorphic which means they can come in a variety of sizes. There are three size classes, each with different job classifications: Major workers are the largest ants in a colony and contain most of the large soldier ants; while media and minor carpenter ants are mid and small in size respectively and whose jobs are to gather food and construct colonies This ant is a small black stinging ant which reminds me of a cross between Lasius niger and Myrmica rubra, though are in the same genus as the latter. They are typically found along the coasts of Southern and Western England. Tetramorium have nests containing up to 30,000 ants, but the average is perhaps 10,000

Queen polymorphic ant species are thus ideal systems for studying reproduction-dispersal tradeoffs, as they allow us to isolate the effects of reproductive strategy and nutrient loading while controlling for evolutionary history, ecology, geography and even genetic variation These polymorphic worker castes have previously been thought to be a classic example of nongentically controlled polymorphism, being mediated entirely by environmental cues. Here we show that worker caste development in the leaf-cutting ant Acromyrmex echinatior has a significant genetic component Polymorphic social organization in an ant Richard J. Gill , 1 Andres Arce , 1 Laurent Keller , 2 and Robert L. Hammond 1, * 1 Department of Biological Sciences, University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Hull HU6 7RX, U Polymorphic ant colony algorithm (PACA) is an improved ant colony algorithm [13] which solved the lack of polymorphism of the basic ant colony algorithm. It divided the ant colony society into three categories: scout ants, search ant and ergate. Scout ant's task is to detect each city as the center for loca Ant colonies that have all the same size workers are referred to as monomorphic. If there are two size workers, usually referred to majors and minors, the colony is dimorphic. Polymorphic means there are many different size workers in the colony but they are generally divided into three groups

Ants are famous in the animal kingdom for their amazing load carriage performances. Yet, the mechanisms that allow these insects to maintain their stability when carrying heavy loads have been poorly investigated. Here we present a study of the kinematics of loaded locomotion in the polymorphic seed-harvesting ant Messor barbarus . In this species big ants have larger heads relative to their. We used microsatellite markers to analyze the hierarchical genetic structure of the North American mound building ant, Formica podzolica. About one-third of all colonies were headed by a single queen (monogynous) whose effective mating frequency was close to one (nestmate worker relatedness r = 0.70), while the remaining colonies were polygynous, with low average nestmate relatedness (r = 0.16) The ants found in and around a structure are worker ants, and they can be one size (monomorphic) or two or more sizes (polymorphic). The next few pages provide information on the appearance and behavior of common ant Phylogeny and evolutionary history of queen polymorphic Myrmecina ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) F LORIAN M. STEINER 1, 2, *, B IRGIT C. SCHLICK-STEINER 1, 2, * , **, H EINO KONRAD 1 , T IMOTHY A. Abstract Twenty-six polymorphic microsatellite loci were developed for four species of ant-associated root-aphids: Geoica utricularia, Forda marginata, Tetraneura ulmi and Anoecia corni. We found up to 9 alleles per locus, with an average of 4.8. We also report polymorphic cross-amplification of eleven of these markers between differen

Highly polymorphic genetic markers provide a useful tool for estimating important genetic parameters in studies of the evolution of sociality in insects. Here we report 14 polymorphic microsatellite markers developed in the ant Formica exsecta . The number of alleles found ranged between 3 and 18 per locus 1 Tube of LIVE Ant Farm Ants shipped to your house right now. Instructions and 30 LIVE red Harvester Ants for ant farms, ready to tunnel though your ant farm. We ship live ant farm ants all year to anywhere in the continental USA. We sell refill sand and gel in our Amazon store. GUARANTEED! We guarantee LIVE arrival of your ants

ants_10333 Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t5w66c07h Ocr ABBYY FineReader 8.0 Pages 22 Ppi 300 Year 1953 . plus-circle Add Review. comment. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review. 1,836 Views . DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 2 files . ABBYY GZ. Polymorphic definition, (of a species) having more than one form or type as a result of discontinuous variation: Cabbage, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower are all forms of a single polymorphic species. See more In this complete guide to ants found in New Jersey, you'll learn about ant behavior, how quickly they can reproduce, and about their diet. Additionally, you'll learn about the most commonly found ants in New Jersey, such as Carpenter Ants, Red Ants, Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants, and Pharaoh Ants

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  1. Darcy G. Gordon, Iulian Ilieş, James F. A. Traniello Behavior, brain, and morphology in a complex insect society: trait integration and social evolution in the exceptionally polymorphic ant Pheidole rhea, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 71, no.11 11 (Oct 2017)
  2. Standard and improved Ant Colony Algorithms have so for been so far novel optimization algorithms based on single ant population and single pheromone.In this paper,a Polymorphic Ant Colony Algorithm is proposed considering of the diversity of ant populations and pheromones,which is more accordant with the ants information processing mechanism.The algorithm combines the local search with the.
  3. (2020). A restrictive polymorphic ant colony algorithm for the optimal band selection of hyperspectral remote sensing images. International Journal of Remote Sensing: Vol. 41, No. 3, pp. 1093-1117
  4. Polymorphic ant colony algorithm is combined local search with global search, according to the state transition probability to choose in the feasible machining operation units, complete the.

Politaire: Polymorphic Solitair Eur. J. Entomol. 103: 619-626, 2006 ISSN 1210-5759 Phylogeny and evolutionary history of queen polymorphic Myrmecina ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) FLORIAN M. STEINER1, 2,*, BIRGIT C. SCHLICK-STEINER1, 2,*,**, HEINO KONRAD1, TIMOTHY A. LINKSVAYER3, SWEE-PECK QUEK4, ERHARD CHRISTIAN2, CHRISTIAN STAUFFER1 and ALFRED BUSCHINGER5 1 Institute of Forest Entomology, Forest Pathology and Forest. Conserv Genet (2009) 10:639-641 DOI 10.1007/s10592-008-9597-y TECHNICAL NOTE Polymorphic microsatellite loci for the ant-garden ant, Crematogaster levior (Forel) Warren Booth Æ Elsa Youngsteadt Æ Coby Schal Æ Edward L. Vargo Received: 19 March 2008 / Accepted: 14 April 2008 / Published online: 25 April 2008 Ó Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2008 Abstract Throughout Amazonia, the ant.

The ant is polymorphic [workers of many sizes, from about 4 mm up to 8 mm]. They are well-known for the pattern of refringent silvery hairs on their gasters that refract light and give them their unmistakable appearance. Although present in different sizes there is not much difference in overall shape,. Polymorphic Myrmica? - posted in General: If you may or may not know Im kinda over obsessed with Myrmica so I put a lot of attention into them. Anyways theres this particular species of Myrmica that seem to exhibit polymorphism to some extent. Ive heard that some Myrmica species are ever so slightly polymorphic but this species or colony (since I havent confirmed any other species around here. Hartknoopmieren (Cardiocondyla) zijn een geslacht van mieren uit de onderfamilie knoopmieren (Myrmicinae). De wetenschappelijke naam van het geslacht is voor het eerst geldig gepubliceerd in 1869 door Carlo Emery.. Hartknoopmieren zijn zwerfmieren.Sommige soorten waaronder Cardiocondyla emeryi, C. mauritanica, C. minutior en C. obscurior (tweekleurige hartknoopmier) zijn invasieve soorten die. Imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta (Plate 7). It is reddish-brown and 3 mm to 6 mm long. Fire ants build large mounds in open, sunny areas and can forage indoors. Workers can sting, commonly causing a white pustule to form. The ant has two nodes on the petiole. Workers are polymorphic, and colonies are usually monogyne but sometimes polygyne

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Identification The following information is derived from Mackay, New World Carpenter Ants (2019). Compare with Camponotus chromaiodes, Camponotus herculeanus, Camponotus pennsylvanicus.. The majors, minors and females of C. novaeboracensis have a black head and gaster and a red mesosoma, making them large very attractive ants. The females can be completely black of ants they have a conspicuous gloss and a hairy gaster which makes them. nice to observe and a must have for any collector. They. are also beginner exotic friendly. Colonyform: Monogyne. Queen. size: 11-13mmColour: black shimmering, hair on gaster. Workers. size: 6 - 12mm Colour: black shimmering, different sizes (Polymorphic) Food: honey.

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bigheaded ant, Pheidole megacephala (Fabricius) - 7% ; Paratrechina bourbonica (Forel) - 4%. A new survey of pest ants in Florida has not been done, but at least in southeastern Florida, the white-footed ant can be added, and the status of the BHA has increased Hence, the results of our colony-founding experiment do not support the hypothesis that a feedback loop linking queen number, queen size and colony founding helps stabilize social structure variation in this socially polymorphic ant population (Hölldobler and Wilson, 1977, Keller and Passera, 1989, Meunier and Chapuisat, 2009) Daniel J. Paluh, Cameron Eddy, Kaloyan Ivanov, Cari-Ann M. Hickerson, and Carl D. Anthony Selective Foraging on Ants by a Terrestrial Polymorphic Salamander, The American Midland Naturalist 174(2), 265-277, (1 October 2015) Carpenter Ant Size. Carpenter ants are one of the largest of all ant species. Carpenter ants have polymorphic workers, meaning that ants within a single colony may vary in size. Adult carpenter ants can measure from 6 to 12 mm in length. Males, or winged swarmers, can measure up to 18 mm, while queens grow to 20 mm in length. Carpenter Ant Siz Ants are black, brown, reddish, or yellowish and live in colonies. They have 6 legs, 2 elbowed antennae, and a constricted waist. Unlike wasps, the constriction includes the first few segments of the abdomen, the second of which has a raised node called a petiole (that term is also used for the stem of a leaf)

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Twenty-six polymorphic microsatellite loci were developed for four species of ant-associated root-aphids: Geoica utricularia, Forda marginata, Tetraneura ulmi and Anoecia corni. We found up to 9 alleles per locus, with an average of 4.8 In this paper we describe how morphological castes can be distinguished using multivariate statistical methods combined with jackknife estimators of the allometric coefficients. Data from the polymorphic ant,Camponotus rufipes, produced two distinct patterns of allometric variation, and thus two morphological castes. Morphometric analysis distinguished different allometric patterns within the. Carpenter ants do not eat wood, but remove quantities of it to enlarge the nest for a growing colony. This activity may cause structural damage. Carpenter ants feed mainly on honeydew produced by homopterous insects (aphids, mealy bugs, and scales) that feed on sap from plant tissues Define polymorphic. polymorphic synonyms, polymorphic pronunciation, polymorphic translation, English dictionary definition of polymorphic. n. 1. Biology The occurrence of more than one form, as several alleles of a particular gene or winged and wingless forms of the same species. 2 They are stocky ants (again, for ants) with large heads and powerful jaws. Most are bi-coloured, red and black, but some species are all black. It's usually the head end that is red. They are polymorphic; that is, within one colony there may be workers of different size and shape

Ants are distributed worldwide and outnumber all other terrestrial animals (Wheeler 1910).In tropical rainforests, ants account for over 80% of the arthropod biomass and up to nearly 90% of the arthropod individuals inhabiting the canopy environment (Majer 1990; Tobin 1995).Ants are abundant and occur in large numbers of species throughout the Brazilian cerrado savanna (Vasconcelos et al When I receive my dream species, Yellow Crazy ants (Anoplolepis gracilipes) I do the unthinkable: mix 2 unrelated yellow crazy ant colonies together, because.. Marauder ants, they are so polymorphic! Thread starter antlover19; Start date May 17, 2020; antlover19 Soldier. May 17, 2020 #1. May 17, 2020 #1. They range from really small workers to huge super-majors. Some perhaps bigger than the ones seen in the leafcutter ant species. we already have majors Polymorphic Variants. In addition to the ordinary variants we've seen so far, OCaml also supports so-called polymorphic variants. As we'll see, polymorphic variants are more flexible and syntactically more lightweight than ordinary variants, but that extra power comes at a cost First, the model of shortest path problem is established. Then the polymorphic ant colony algorithm is applied to accomplish shortest path problem. Finally,.

Mated Queen ants from around the globe, packaged in test tubes or containers to replicate their natural environment, these will arrive in our sealed clear bags with a security seal. British ants was the first company in Europe to introduce live arrival guarantees that has now become an industry standard! We guarantee Go to the ant thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: First explorations of a computational model of polymorphic ant caste ratio adaptation through environmental stimuli. Auteur(s): Camps, G. Taal: en. Abstract: Swarm intelligence is the appearance of intelligent behaviour of a collective, which consists of relatively simple agents Nest of ant inside Photo about team, fauna, organic, wild, arthropod, garden, nest, green, colorful, leaf, teamwork, detail, cooperation, nature, insect, unity. Free Online Library: Selective foraging on ants by a terrestrial polymorphic salamander.(Report) by The American Midland Naturalist; Biological sciences Earth sciences Ants Environmental aspects Foraging Observations Foraging (Animal feeding behavior) Salamanders Food and nutritio Supermajor Ant is the third most common minor in antwar.io. Supermajors are born once every four times that the larva eats super food. These ants are larger than the queen, but the slowest of all types of ant.They deal more damage and have a higher health range than Soldier Ants.They will drop pheromones when carrying food.. The ant color will entirely depend on the team that the queen.

In this study, we investigated the independent and synergistic effects of body size on nest architecture in a seasonally polymorphic harvester ant, Veromessor pergandei. Using network analysis, we compared wax casts of nests, and found that mixed-size groups built longer nests, excavated more sand and produced greater architectural complexity than single-sized worker groups The ant is the only eastern representative of the genus Pogonomyrmex (Cole 1968). Description (Back to Top) The adults are dark rust red in color (Haack and Granovsky 1990), with the worker caste strongly polymorphic (1/4 to 3/8 inch long) (Smith and Whitman 1992). The major worker has a disproportionally enlarged head (after Creighton 1950) Black garden ants colonies can have up to 10,000 workers. Queen. The black garden ant queen is around 9mm, with dark brown/black reddish legs and antenna. She has been known to live for up to 29 years (see ant fact 4). Black garden ants are monogyn (one queen per colony). Workers. 3-5mm, black with reddish legs and antenna. Pest inf polymorphic ant species. In other words, they live in colonies and have individuals of drastically different morph sizes. However, despite this advantageous morphology, there are still questions regarding how these foraging ants are strategically working to obtain their food in order to provide for their colony (Traniello 1989)

While Big Headed Ants are also polymorphic, they are generally only two sizes, one of which (the soldier) displays their characteristically large head. Another distinguishing factor between these two ants is the BHA does not possess the ability to sting, though you will not want to get close enough to find out which ant you are dealing with using this method Abstract Objective The objective of this study is to develop and identify polymorphic microsatellite markers for fungus-gardening (attine) ants in the genus Trachymyrmex sensu lato. These ants are important ecosystem engineers and have been a model group for understanding complex symbiotic systems, but very little is understood about the intraspecific genetic patterns across most North. A simple model is proposed for estimation of the optimal caste composition in polymorphic ants. The model gives the optimal caste composition as the highest point on a hypersurface that represents the total efficiency of the colony as a whole DIY ant control solutions are everywhere, but that doesn't mean they're effective. Each ant colony can hold up to half a million ants, and without the help of a professional, they can be tough to tackle. The best thing you can do on your own is to keep things clean. Garbage and food remains are very attractive to ants De Gasperin O, Blacher P, Grasso G, Chapuisat M. 2020. Data from: Winter is coming: harsh environments limit independent reproduction of cooperative-breeding queens in a socially polymorphic ant Dryad Digital Repository. (10.5061/dryad.0vt4b8gv0

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  1. A morphological study of larval development in polymorphic all-worker broods of the army ant Eciton burchelli. Item Preview 1 11830.pdf. 2 ants_11830. remove-circle Share or Embed This Item
  2. bees, wasps, and ants are in the Order . Hymenoptera, while the termites are in the Order . Isoptera. All of the ants and termites are eusocial, while both the bees andwasps have many species that live solitary lives. Certain traits characterize the eusocial insects: -Reproductive division of labo
  3. polymorph (an organism that can assume more than one adult form as in the castes of ants or termites) Sense 2. Meaning: Relating to the occurrence of more than one kind of individual (independent of sexual differences) in an interbreeding population. Example: a polymorphic species. Synonyms: polymorphic; polymorphous. Classified under

The main difference between red ants and fire ants is that the red ants are light brown color fire ants whereas fire ants are the stinging ants that belong to the genus Solenopsis. Fire ants include red ants as well. Red ants and fire ants are a group of ants that are aggressive. They bite with their mouths, holding on and then stinging to inject venom into the prey Hokkaido University researchers have found that ants have a particular preference for aphid colonies with certain colors, which could be why these bugs are able to keep their colors across.

Introduction Sea-level rise is a consequence of climate change that can impact the ecological and physiological changes of coastal, ground-dwelling species. Sea-level rise has a potential to inundate birds, rodents, spiders, and insects that live on the ground in coastal areas. Yet, there is still much to be learned concerning the specifics of these impacts Polymorphism in biology is when two or more clearly different phenotypes exist in the same population of a species. The words forms or morphs are sometimes used.. Polymorphism is common in nature. The most common example is sexual dimorphism, which occurs in many organisms.Another example is sickle-cell anaemia.. In order to be classified as such, morphs must occupy the same habitat at the. Abstract. The ant genus Myrmecia Fabricius (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) is endemic to Australia and New Caledonia, and has retained many biological traits that a The ant genus Myrmecia Fabricius (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) is endemic to Australia and New Caledonia, and has retained many biological traits that are considered to be basal in the family Formicidae. Here, a set of 16 dinucleotide microsatellite loci were studied that are polymorphic in at least one of the two species of the genus: the giant bulldog ant, M. brevinoda Forel, and the jumper ant.

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Characterisation and cross-amplification of polymorphic microsatellite loci in ant-associated root-aphids A. B. F. Ivens , D. J. C. Kronauer, J.J. Boomsma Animal Ecolog A remarkable new species of the army ant genus Aenictus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) with polymorphic worker caste Item Preview 1 8410.pdf. 2 ants_08410. remove-circl Caste-specific techniques of defense in the polymorphic ant Pheidole embolopyx (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) E. O. Wilson, B. Hölldobler Research output : Contribution to journal › Article › peer-revie 2018-11-08T00:00:00Z. dc.contributor.author: Gordon, Darcy Greer: en_US: dc.date.accessioned: 2018-02-16T18:45:36 We conclude that soldier-polymorphic species may have evolved convergently in response to broad-scale factors, but differences among them suggest selection pressures in small-scale environments have been different. AB - Nearly all species in the ant genus Pheidole have dimorphic workers, with distinct small minors and larger soldiers

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These ants are able to catapult themselfs up to 40 cm far thru sudden lock up of their mandibles. This mandible lock up is the fastest known mechanism in the fauna. The upper jaw closes with a speed of 38 to 64 m/s. Thru locking up their jaws they are anesthetizing their prey to afterwards sting it to death Ants can make homes in the holes and small burrows of moist areas.The following will help prevent ants in these areas: • if you have moist conditions in your home, contact the Manitoba Housing Authority's Housing Communication Centre • keep food sealed • clean your home regularly • remove old and untreated wood Carpenter ants are an example of ants that are polymorphic. There are several things you can do to prevent ants from entering your home. The first step is exclusion. Go around the outside of your home and inspect it very carefully from an ant's point of view Photo about Red wood ant in spring. Image of polymorphic, acid, macro - 8960651

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There are 10 most common types of ants, each of them has some unique characteristics that make them recognizable. In total, there are 700+ types of ants in the United States! These are the most common ones that can infest your house: Red Imported Fire Ants, Carpenter Ants, Crazy Ants, Acrobat Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Odorous House Ant, Leaf-Cutting Ant, Rover Ant and Pavement Ants The ant species' peculiar habits and biology will help you find where the colony or colonies are located and develop the most cost-effective control strategies. Polymorphic workers, 1/4-1/2 in (7-13 mm) long . 10 One-Node Ants Carpenter Ant (Western Carpenter Ant 2018-11-08T00:00:00Z. Permanent Link https://hdl.handle.net/2144/2707 Lasius flavus, the yellow meadow ant, spends most of its time underground. They prefer not to move out in the open visible to the sun and predators. Instead they are very well adapted to a life beneath the surface. In their small tunnels they hunt for insects. They are very shy (and friendly!) and tend to keep underground aphids Carpenter ants are polymorphic which means they can come in a variety of sizes. For the most part there are three size classes, each with different job classifications. The major workers are the largest ants in a colony and contain most of your large soldier ants

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Ants don't just build tunnels and scavenge for food - they live in highly organized societies alongside humans. When these two civilizations clash, it's usually the insects that come off worst, but the most dangerous ants in the world are more than capable of inflicting a few casualties first ant species undergo some changes in behavior during ageing while usually specializing on different tasks. Waste management is an important feature, which can keep the infection prevalence low. We investigated five laborato-ry colonies of the polymorphic ant Camponotus aethiops to find out if ther

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How to Kill Ants without Pesticides. When you open your cabinets and see ants swarming your spilled sugar, it might be tempting to use strong chemicals to take them all out as soon as possible. However, pesticides are unhealthy for humans,.. Data from: Bidirectional shifts in colony queen number in a socially polymorphic ant populatio They all have polymorphic workers and the nests of some species can contain well over 500,000 workers. Leaf Cutter ants (Atta cephalotes) in their fungus garden. The construction of a fungus garden begins with the swabbing clean of the floor where it is going to be Queen Ant - 5 Queen Colony. Tetromorium Species Rare Find Feeder/Farm Refill. Condition is New. Queen Ant - - Live Ants Feeder Or Farm Refill. If your ants die and even 1 queen survives you are going to be fine so do not complain if a worker or even a queen dies this is the life cycle and everything is fine pol·y·mor·phism (pŏl′ē-môr′fĭz′əm) n. 1. Biology The occurrence of more than one form, as several alleles of a particular gene or winged and wingless forms of the same species. 2. Chemistry Crystallization of a compound in at least two distinct forms. Also called pleomorphism. pol′y·mor′phic, pol′y·mor′phous adj. pol′y·mor.

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